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May I help you buy or sell your home on Vancouver Island or in Victoria BC ?

      Georgia Jones is a professional marketer of real estate on Vancouver Island.  Georgia is highly regarded by her clients for her caring and helpful attitude, and for her enthusiasm and hard work.

     Having lived on Vancouver Island for over 20 years, Georgia’s experience and knowledge of the area is extensive.  During that time she has built a vast network of contacts and resources to assist you in your home buying or selling needs.

     Georgia’s real estate qualification was granted through the University of British Columbia where she graduated with top marks in her class.  She continues in her quest to be the best through continuing education and by attending real estate courses regularly to be able to better serve her clients.  Georgia is currently with JONESco Real Estate Inc..

Dear Home Owner

(or soon to be Home Owner)

       I provide you with the best service with 100% focus on you and your needs. I have knowledge of, and experience with, all the areas and zones and towns of Vancouver Island. I am always happy to go anywhere to show a home….even on the shortest notice.

     Let me show you all the wonderful properties Vancouver Island has to offer. Contact me for the top quality service you deserve.

Contact me  by phone at  250 891 8240

It is my great pleasure

to tell a buyer, “Accepted Offer”.

- Georgia Jones


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